Enhance the distribution market coverage accross traditional, modern, rural and urban stores.

Optimize sales force through route optimization and targeted next best action recommendations.

Accurate real-time information from the market: from traditional and modern retail networks, to promotions and sales performance – to make better commercial decisions.

Support your distributors and retailers with the tools they need to scale their operations & profit – including inventory management, credit management and event self-served promotions.

Increase your touchpoints. Reach untapped outlets and gain control of the largest, most complext networks – whether rural or urban, huge outlet or sole-trader on a market stall.

Increase sales volume and optimize profit through deeper insights of market needs and transparency across the supply chain to improve efficiency and lower cost.

Simplified IT infrastructure

Design to grow with your business, easily scale up on demand.

Integrated ready to all business software in order to streamline business operating process and enabling real-time supply chain visibility

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