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The main meaning of “Grove” is an orchard or group of trees that grow close together.

We identify with “Grove” for its rich history and established presence, evoking the Sense of Community, Togetherness, a place of Nourishment and Health. In short, The Place To Be.

Our story begins
with the community

Grove is focused on outstanding customer service, providing healthy and quality products based on a team effort to deliver the best results. On our development journey, we want to contribute to improving the quality of life for the community.

  • 100% qualified product
  • Verified origin
  • Trusted global partner
  • Excellent customer satisfaction
  • 20.01.2022

    Grove Group launches G Market digitized retail model

  • 20.01.2022

    "Mobile mini-supermarket" selling food at stable prices for the first time appeared in Ho Chi Minh City

  • 20.01.2022

    Putting into operation “Automated store, the contactless payment”

  • 20.01.2022

    Businesses "shake hands" together to consume lychee and agricultural products